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After 94 episodes, I finally finished watching the anime series of Rurouni Kenshin. The first few episodes were kind of boring to me since I still don't get the hang of it like the setting for example. I think this was my first anime that is somehow traditional--and I'm not really fond of stories from the past or set in the past. It was incredible though in terms of the plot. It had a nice story and a nice flow to it and so along the way I got used to the setting and watching it was a lot of fun.

I'm still confused though if episode 94 was really the ending cause I feel like it was hanging. Like the series just suddenly came to a halt. The last conflict was solved but somehow it feels off to me. Was that really the last?

After finishing the series, I immediately watched the Live action and it did not fail me. It was beyond my expectations. The casting was superb and the scenes just---WOW! I was also really happy when they cast a great actor to my favorite character, Seta Sojiro.

He's soooo cute! <3

Kamiki really did justice on his role as Sojiro. It really made me happy.

I haven't seen the last live action movie as of now though but I will make sure to watch it later.
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