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2017-05-28 09:55 am

Kame to YamaPi

 Just watched their pv 'Senaka Goshi no Chance'. It was so damn cute.

The uniform and the background screen playing the pv of seishun amigo really takes me down the memory lane. It's just so nostalgic.

Lastly, can I adopt that cute turtle on Yamapi's back?

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2017-04-21 01:56 am

The Fast and The Furious - TOKYO DRIFT

 Soooo I happen to open my account again after so looong and I guess that this would be my first proper entry. Summer's really hittin' me hard right now and that only means marathon -- on books, movies, anime, and jdramas.

Right now I'm still high on The Fast and The Furious. I'm still in the third movie out of the seven and I've heard that the eight movie is currently showing in the theaters. The movie is AWESOME I  tell you. 

The Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift.  This is actually the 3rd movie and what caught my attention is this.
Click to know... ).
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2012-04-03 10:46 pm

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HELLO~ My first post here:)
But I'm runing a cold~T_T...XD